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May  2019

Thanks to the collaboration with Zodomus, we have implemented in the channel manager of RentalWebs, the bidirectonial synchronization with, one of the leading listing sites for hotel distribution, which in the recent years has had a strong entry into the vacation rental market. To work with them in an efficient way, it is essential to use a channel manager, able to update the availability in real time, since they only accept online reservations.

This integration of the channel manager with, includes two aspects:

Syncing the reservations

When a reservation is confirmed into the system, it will be automatically entered into RentalWebs system. So that, not only do we save the work of having to enter the booking, but at the same time, sales will be automatically stopped on our own website and on all other connected channels.

Referring to the bookings from our website or those from other channels, entered at the administration section. At the same time, when they are saved into the RentalWebs system, they will automatically stop sales in

Syncing the rates

The rates syncing is done automatically from RentalWebs to, when creating, modifying or deleting a register. So that, as well as with the reservations, the channel manager works by itself, without the need or any additional action by the user.

With the publication of the prices, an established markup can be applied as a percentage, which will increase or decrease the published prices at, based on the ones in our website. Prices by night attached to a dates interval are synced, as well as any supplement per person, that the vacation rental property could have.

The rate elements, other than prices, that are synchronized with are; the minimum stay days, the release days and the changeover days.

In addition, the channel manager, has a system of controls and alerts by email, which will keep us informed of any anomaly, that may occur when syncing the RentalWebs and systems.

Vacation Rental Channel Manager for
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