RentalWebs 1.1 New Features

12  June  2020

With this new version of RentalWebs, some features of the management system have been improved, as well as from the websites generated with RentalWebs. In addition to incorporate new functionalities, that will help us to improve the management of our online holiday rental shop.

These are the new features:

Search statistics

Each search or availability query, made on the website is saved in the database and this allows us to create statistics, that will help us understand at all times what, visitors to our online vacation rental shop are looking for.

These are the analysed data, for a time interval:

  • Arrivals, which dates are being looked for.

  • Properties, the number of searches per property compared to generic ones.

  • Searches, the number of searches day to day.

  • Hours, the number of searches performed at each hour of the day.

  • Weekdays, the number of searches performed each weekday.

  • Unique users and averages; days prior to arrival and nights of stay.

Access to the search statistics is found in the control panel of a property and for installations with several ones, it is also found in the dashboard of the section; Property manager / Dashboard – Searches.

Inquiry form accompanying the reservation process

Throughout the entire reservation process, a link has been added to a contact form, to facilitate the client to contact us with any questions. This form collects the data of the booking that is being inquired. Also, if the client is not in the database, a new guest file will be created with these data:

  • Email

  • Name and surname

  • County

  • Phone

If later, the same guest makes a new query or a reservation with the same email, the system will recognize it and he will not have to re-enter your personal data.

Messages from a pre-booking / Budgets

The message system has been enabled, so that from a pre-booking before confirming and becoming a reservation itself, which blocks availability, messages can be sent to the client, from the templates with the booking data.

This new functionality allows you to present a budget with agility. On one side with the pre-booking, the price is calculated based on the rates, while the text of the message is obtained from the template.

Customizing a property header

The header on the page of a property is made up of three lines of text, which are displayed on the main image. This is an important part of the description of a property, which must provide the most relevant information about our vacation rental offer. For this reason, the system has been enabled, so that this text can be edited and thus, customize the most appropriate message, for each property.

In the case of not being edited, the header will be made up of these three elements from the card of a property:

  • Name of the property

  • Destination

  • City or location

The edition is accessed from; Property / Property – Edit (Next to the header).

Listing site Scores

In the reviews section you can enter the scores of a property, on the websites of online agencies or listing sites, with a link to the reviews that generate the score. The link is not mandatory and has the tag ‘nofollow’, to indicate to search engines that it is an external link, outside of our website.

They are accessed from Property / Reviews - Scores and are displayed on the property reviews page, as long as there is at least one review posted.

Importing calendars

In the same way, that the availability calendars can be exported, to the web pages of listing sites, they can also be imported to always keep the availability updated.

This synchronization of calendars for importation is carried out several times throughout the day and whenever a reservation process is started, from our website.

Sections on the home page

Not all web pages have a home page configured, but if it is created, it can incorporate as many sections as you like, distributed in different parts of the page, occupying one or two columns.

These sections may have the following elements:

  •  Title
  •  Description
  •  Image
  •  Link to other web pages

Colours in the header and footer

You can define any colour for the background of the header with the navigation menu, as well as for the footer. In addition, the colour of the texts can also be selected, among the proposed options.


The footer has been improved, with the possibility of adding more links, either to the header menus or to specific web pages. In addition, contact details can also be included.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy can be created, apart from the legal information, which will be included in the footer, but it will also have to be accepted before sending one of the contact forms, a reservation request or confirming a reservation online.

The creation of this page with the privacy policy, despite being recommended, is not mandatory.

Improvement in the bookings section

The query of reservations for a property has been improved. When accessing reservations, from Bookings / Bookings, the upcoming arrivals are shown. But it can also be easily accessed, those that have already left as well as cancelled ones. In addition, reservations of any interval can be consulted.

In the same section of bookings, a query has been added, which allows tracking of charges for each of the reservations.

Improvements in the section for property managers

The system has been enabled, in order to generate manual invoices to the owners, for any concept and different types of VAT.

In bulk actions, to apply changes to all system properties, the following functions have been incorporated:

  • Generate prices automatically, copying those of a previous year
  • On request booking periods
  • Minimum stays
  • Release days

Finally, the selection of a persons number, has been included in the search box on the home page.

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