Vacation Rental Calendar Synchronization

Forget about updating the vacation rental listing sites manually
Vacation Rental Calendar Synchronization

The synchronization of the availability calendars, with the vacation rental distribution channels, is an essential complement in the management of reservations, which allows us to automatically update the availability of a vacation rental property, in all the listing sites, where it is advertised.

This synchronization of the calendars has two aspects; on the one hand, the export of the RentalWebs calendar and, on the other, the import of the availability calendar, from the intermediary distribution channels.

Export of availability calendars

The export of availability calendars, works from an Internet address for each property, which when accessed generates a calendar with all future reservations. In this way, it is as simple as entering a reservation in the system, so that it is distributed automatically.

This address or URL, must be entered in each listing site that you want to synchronize. In most cases, in the calendar section you will find an option to import a calendar. Once configured, the listing site system will connect regularly to the calendar generated by RentalWebs and will update the availability, if any changes have occurred. Or, when a query is made about our vacations rental house.

The calendar is generated in a standard format, widely accepted among the main vacations rental listing sites like; Vrbo, Airbnb,, Tripadvisor and many others. This format is known as iCal, with the extension .ics.

In addition, accessing to the calendar address, the bookings can be incorporated to the calendars of your computer and mobile phone.

Import of availability calendars

To complete the automatic synchronization of the availability calendars, RentalWebs allows you to import reservations from vacation rental listing sites, such as; Vrbo, Airbnb,, Tripadvisor and many others.

In this case, the listing sites provide us with an address, from which RentalWebs can check new reservations or cancellations, to incorporate them into the system and at the same time, synchronize availability with the other channels.

Channel Manager

The channel manager for vacation rentals from Rentalwebs, is integrated in the application management, so that once connected the channel with the property, the rates and the availability, are automatically synchronized, as well as the channel reservations.

When a new price is entered or an existing one edited, before being distributed, the channel manager applies the markup associated with the channel. So that, from the price published in our own website, the channel price can be increased or decreased.

The reservations of the channels connected with the channel manager, are automatically downloaded into the system in real time. Thanks to that, a vacation rental can be booked online, without fear of receiving two reservations for the same period.

The RentalWebs channel manager, allows you to synchronize rates, availability and to download the bookings with:

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