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Ideal Heading for a Holiday Rental

May  2020

For the description of a holiday rental in a website, the heading is an important part. It must be a short text and descriptive enough, to provide the most relevant information about the holiday rental offer, inviting to discover it.

This heading must have those elements:

Name of the property and type

At first, the name of the property will not be the most interesting for a potential client, but from the owner's point of view, the name is the best way to identify its property in an unequivocal way. Hence, its importance.

The kind of property usually accompanies the name, but if it is not part of it, it would have to be included in the header, since it is an important characteristic and will help us to attract the correct audience.

An example could be; McDaniel Cottage


The place where the property is located is decisive, when choosing an accommodation, so it is important to include it in the heading, either referring to the city, the tourist destination, the region or the city neighbourhood. In this section, the proximity of some important attraction, could also be highlighted.

An example could be; Inverness, in the Scottish Highlands

Unique Selling Points

The unique selling points are those features, that make unique a holiday rental, or at least they are an important feature, during the stay at the property. Whether because of the physical features of the accommodation, the kind of services or even the commercialization characteristics.

An example could be; Stunning views at the Loch Ness


Finally, the importance of the heading should not be underestimated, not only because of the effect it may have, when awakening the interest of a potential client, for our holiday rental offer, but also because the heading is an element, which will help search engines to rank the page. Therefore, it is important that you include the keywords, which you believe will be used, to search for accommodations like yours.

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