Vacation Rental Management Software

Save time and gain efficiency in your vacation rental management


Chart representing the annual revenue, month by month with the details of each channel of sales. You can consult past periods, or as a revenue forecast for the current year.

Availability calendar

Availability calendar with a list of all our vacation rental properties and their reservations, which allows us to easily see the properties with available days and access reservations.


Report of arrivals and departures

In the same report, the bookings of all the vacation rental properties are shown, which arrive or leave the same day. It is an essential information, to organize the cleaning and receptions of the guests, the day of their arrival.


Property owners management

Automatic calculation of the commissions to be paid to the owners, based on a percentage or commission amounts per night. In addition, the automatic generation of settlement reports.

Portal for owners, from which they will be able to access their reservations and commission invoices, in the property manager website.

Booking management

Much of the management at a vacation rental property management agency, goes around bookings and among the many functions, that has RentalWebs software, are the confirmation of contracts through the web, the calculation of tourist taxes, the registration of collected charges or the charge of extras.

Booking system for a vacations rental website

The system calculates the price of the bookings and their availability, not only for the website, but also to rate requests and any reservation entered in the application.

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Calendar synchronization

Synchronization of availability calendars, with the main vacation rental distribution channels such as; Airbnb, Vrbo,, Tripadvisor, etc.

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Automated messages

These messages generated with customized templates, speed up the booking management, sending automatically a few days before or after check-ins or check-outs. For example, they can be used to request arrival times, or to thank for the stay.


Cloud computing

Thanks to cloud computing, the application to manage your vacation rental agency, will be accessible from any place and device, such as a mobile phone, with an Internet connection.

Save time and gain efficiency in your vacation rental management

Vacation Rental Management Software

RentalWebs has a module for the vacation rental management of a property management agency. An essential software, when you start to manage a certain amount of properties, which facilitates the administration of the agency in a more efficient way.

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