Vacation Rental Channel Manager for

Thanks to the collaboration with Zodomus, we have implemented in the channel manager of RentalWebs, the bidirectonial synchronization with, one of the leading listing sites for hotel distribution, which in the recent years has had a strong entry into the vacation rental market. To work with them in an efficient way, it is essential to use a channel manager, able to update the availability in real time, since they only accept online reservations.

RentalWebs 1.1 New Features

With this new version of RentalWebs, some features of the management system have been improved, as well as from the websites generated with RentalWebs. In addition to incorporate new functionalities, that will help us to improve the management of our online holiday rental shop.

Owners Portal

In the section for holiday rental property managers, RentalWebs has a new portal for owners, from which they will be able to access their reservations and commission invoices, in the property manager website.

Guest check-in with Partee

The integration of RentalWebs with Partee, allows us to speed up the registration of vacation rental guests, automating the entry reports of travellers, which must be sent to the corresponding police force. It is a cloud service, like RentalWebs, accessible with most mobile devices.

RentalWebs 1.2 New features

With this new version, RentalWebs consolidates itself as an excellent option for an online vacation rental shop for small owners, with a complete reservations management system. But where these new features contribute most, is in the section for property managers or vacation rental agencies.