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Contact forms

December  2020

The contact forms, are an essential part of any website. In fact, they are a standard for contacting with the administrators of a website, and in the case of a vacation rental site, they will serve so that clients can contact the managers of the vacation rental business.

For a vacation rental website, we will consider two types of contact form:

  • Generic forms, where the customer will identify himself with his name, email address and the message that he wants to send us.

  • Reservation requests, in this case, in addition to the data of a generic form, the dates of a reservation will be included and, if it can be, its total amount. This type of form must accompany the reservation process, facilitating that the client can contact the vacation rental managers, if he or she has any questions about the reservation or their future stay at the property.

If the data of the person who contacts us, is stored in the database or it is anticipated, that in the future they may be used to contact the client, with promotional messages, a privacy policy must be included, that the client must have accepted, before sending the contact form.

Once the message has been sent, the system has to notify the client that it has been sent correctly or, if there has been an anomaly. It is not necessary to send a copy of the message to the client, in any case, he will already receive it with the response of the vacation rental business manager.

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