Marketing for a vacations rental website

Name for a vacations rental website

March  2018

Each vacations rental needs a name, that identifies it unequivocally, and it should be part of its website name. For which we will distinguish two elements; the title and the domain. To help our website to get a good ranking, in the search engine results, it is important that those two elements include the keywords, for which we want to compete.


As keywords, we mean the terms that a user will type, to search our vacations rental in a search engine, which ccould be grouped as follows:

  • The property name, for which the competition will be scare and a good position should be easily reached. Although, there will be few people searching for the property name.

  • The kind of home, that could be a cottage, an apartment, a villa, etc.

  • The location, that could be a tourist destination, a city or the neighbourhood in a big city.

  • Some special feature of the property, as a swimming pool, pets accepted, some sports equipment, etc.

The title

Once selected a list of keywords, we will compose with them a descriptive sentence of the vacations rental, which will be the website title. We will have to pay attention to the competition with other websites, for terms related to the kind of property and the location, specially in popular destinations, where there are thousands of vacation rentals and it will be very difficult to get your own place. In those cases, it has to be weighed to bet for keywords with lower competition, although they are not so searched, as could be the name of a little town at the expense of the tourist destination. Some examples, could be:

Can Bonaventura, a Villa with pool in Pollensa.
Soho Apartment in Oxford Street, London.

This title, could be set in some prominent place as a slogan, or heading the index page, although where it is really important, for the search engines, is that is included in the META tag “title”, inside the heading code of the home page. This text heads the short description of a website with its link, that the search engines show in their results, which should have a length around 60 characters, because that’s what they show, setting the most relevant keywords at the beginning of the sentence.

The aforementioned description, that search engines and social media sites show, although it is not guaranteed, will be around 156 characters of the META tag “description”.

The domain name

The domain name is used to identify and localize a website and its resources, in a friendly way. To improve the ranking in the search engines, is important that has the keywords that better describe our vacations rental. However, it might not be a disjoined set of words, because it has to be easy to remember, therefore if it is short a lot better.

Another important aspect to consider is the TLD (Top Level Domain), the final part of the domain name and the more generic. If your vacations rental website is addressed to guests from a particular country, the most appropriate would be a territorial TLD, that links it with the country like; .uk, .de, .fr, etc. However, if you don’t want to associate it with any specific country, the most advisable option would be a .com, which is generic character and commercial, even though there is a .rentals for rental webs.

To register a domain, you must go to an authorized registrar by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

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