Guest check-in with Partee

23  December  2021

The integration of RentalWebs with Partee, allows us to speed up the registration of vacation rental guests, automating the entry reports of travellers, which must be sent to the corresponding police force. It is a cloud service, like RentalWebs, accessible with most mobile devices.

Guest check-in with Partee

These are the main features:

  • Online check-in, before the guests arrival at the vacation rental property.

  • Face-to-face check-in, with automatic reading of identity documents and passports, from all over the world.

  • Automatic creation and delivery in real time of police files with guest data to the different police forces in Spain.

When entering a new reservation, from RentalWebs it will be transferred to the Partee system, as well as when any of them are edited or cancelled. In the same way, the guest data, collected by the Partee system, will automatically pass to RentalWebs.

To use the integration, you must have an active Partee account.

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