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Section with guest reviews

31  October  2018

A section with guest reviews, is an essential part, of a vacation rental website, as well as a system to request for a review to the guests, the next day after their departure or a few days later.

Often guests leave their review in the listing site, where they have booked the vacation rental. For that reason, the content management system of a rentals website, needs to have an easy way to enter those reviews, with the attribution to the original source.

With regard to the reviews collected on the website, RentalWebs has opted to let people enter them, just if they have a booking in the system. The process is as follows: From the card of a booking a review request can be sent to the guest, or it can be programmed an automatic message for all the bookings, to be send one day after departure. In both cases, the guest receives an email, with a button to access a form inside the website, with which to leave their review. In this way, the review is linked to the guest file and to the booking, in a process without complications. Once a review has been sent, it will be automatically published and the webmaster, will receive an email with its content.

From the website administration, any review can be edited or deleted. In front of a negative review, in a listing site, the owner can often respond to explain his or her version, thinking about future guests. In the case of our vacation rental website, we have the option to add our answer, or as well to delete it.

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