Create a Vacation Rental Website

The individual owners that get into the vacations rental business, with the vocation to manage their property by themselves, usually begin placing an add in some of the most popular listing sites for vacation rentals, which offer thousands of homes and are an indisputable starting point, for many searching for a holidays home. However, soon comes the need to have your own website, to reach the guests without intermediaries and to be able to promote the vacations rental property in an independent way.

To create a website you can go to a design studio to get a customized one, or you can opt for a service like the one from RentalWebs, which offers a web application from which you can create your own website, in a very similar way as you set a property in the vacations rental listing sites.

However, from a functional point of view and without treating technical questions, in this web page there are linked a series of posts, that deal in depth with the most relevant aspects, when creating a website for a vacations rental.

Why do we need our own website?

The bookings of a vacations rental are mainly confirmed via a website, therefore the importance to have your own one, that has to be your presentation to the world and a meeting point with the guests, where they can book without interferences of other vacations rental offers.

Content Management for a website

The content management for a vacations rental website, is not much different from the one of other sites, known as well as CMS (Content Management System). The purpose of this software, is to provide a tool for the user to administer a website content, without needing any coding knowledge, in an environment easy to use. When talking about content, we refer to images and texts of a website.

Booking engine for vacation rentals

If something differentiates a vacation rental website, it is the booking engine. As booking engine, we understand the software that allows to book the stay in vacation rental house or apartment, from a website.

Section with guest reviews

A section with guest reviews, is an essential part, of a vacation rental website, as well as a system to request for a review to the guests, the next day after their departure or a few days later.

Vacation Rental Availability Calendar

In the design of a website, for a vacations rental, the availability calendar has to be an essential component, because it lets us to view at a glance the periods for which a property is available or not. In this way, we can avoid receiving booking requests, for periods already reserved.

Essential content for a Vacation Rental Website

The content published in our website, will shape the presentation of our vacation rental offer, but not just for our guests or those that could be interested, but as well will be evaluated by search engines, at the time to show our website among their results. All in all, makes content an essential part for a vacation rental website.

Ideal Heading for a Holiday Rental

For the description of a holiday rental in a website, the heading is an important part. It must be a short text and descriptive enough, to provide the most relevant information about the holiday rental offer, inviting to discover it.

Contact forms

The contact forms, are an essential part of any website. In fact, they are a standard for contacting with the administrators of a website, and in the case of a vacation rental site, they will serve so that clients can contact the managers of the vacation rental business.

Antispam protection

If contact forms have been the preferred option, as a means of contacting the managers of a website, it has been because publishing an email address on the Internet is opening the door to receiving a large amount of spam or unwanted emails. It is a fact that crawlers operate on the network that go through websites, collecting email addresses, which they include in databases, that are sold to send advertising, or any other type of messages with unlawful purposes. Or, they use the contact forms in an automated way, to send those unwanted messages.