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Real time two way synchronization

The channel manager manages a two-way connection between RentalWebs and the connected channels, with which rates, availability and reservations are synchronized. It is integrated into the management system, so that it works autonomously without user intervention.

The prices published in the channel can be increased or decreased by applying a mark up, on the prices of the rate in RentalWebs.

  • Configuration: Once the connection is established, following the specific indications of each channel, price changes and new reservations will be synchronized automatically.

  • Reservations: List with channel reservations, automatically entered with the channel identifier.

  • Logs: Record with the last connections between RentalWebs and the channel, in which if there is an incident, it can be seen that it has motivated it.

The system has a series of internal controls and audits, which in the event of not being able to carry out an update, will notify us by sending an email. In addition, it will be registered in the 'logs' system, to let us to track it.


At the same time a reservation is confirmed, the channel manager collects it and incorporates it into the RentalWebs system, in this way sales are closed on the website, and on all connected channels. The availability of the channels without two-way connection, can be updated by synchronizing calendars.

Changes and cancellations of reservations, by a channel, are also automatically incorporated into RentalWebs, updating availability.

Regarding the reservations confirmed on our website, or the ones entered from the RentalWebs administration, at the same time as they are saved, they update the availability on all connected channels, stopping sales.

In this way, it is possible to have the availability updated at any time, which allows us to distribute a property, with online sales in different channels.


When a new price is entered in RentalWebs, or when an existing one is edited, the channel manager distributes it, applying the mark up setted in each channel.

The periods without price, as long as they have a later price interval, will remain closed in all channels. For example, if the last day with prices is October 31st and a new period is entered, which begins on April 1st of the following year. The sales will be stoped each day, from November 1st to March 31st.

The other components of the rate, which are also distributed are the days of minimum stay, the restrictions on the days of arrival and departure and the number of days prior to arrival.

There may be restrictions allowed in RentalWebs, which are not accepted in some channels, in these cases, you will always receive a notice by email, indicating the channel and the component of the rate, which could not be updated. In addition, to be registered in the channel logs.

If you want to modify a price, which is not distributed by the channel manager and which is only applied on our website, it can be done with the offers and supplements in the Rates section, since these are not synchronized.

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