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Importing listing site calendars

In the same way as the RentalWebs calendar can be synchronizes with the ones of the listing sites, they can be imported into RentalWebs system. Thus, RentalWebs will automatically maintain the availability, importing the new reservations that are confirmed into the listing sites. To do this, you have to configure the calendars from the Imported Calendars section, with the following values:

  • Calendar address (URL): It must be a secure link, with (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and the .icv extension of the iCal format.

  • Agency: Previously you have to create the agency to which the calendar belongs, that will be the one of the imported reservations.

  • Status for the imported reservations : The status of these new reservations can be Confirmed or Request.

  • Bookings: New bookings for the selected agent will be created.

  • Stop sales: Instead of new bookings, stop sales will be created to block the availability calendar, but will not interfere in the bookings management. To stop sales, you simply have to leave a period without prices. This assumption has been created for property managers, with properties from which they don’t manage all reservations.

  • Send imported bookings: By selecting this field, you will receive an email with the details of each imported or canceled reservation.

The importations are scheduled to take place, in these cases:

  • When the reservation process starts from the website

  • When a new reservation is introduced from the administration

  • When we introduce a new calendar

  • When editing an existing calendar

  • When accessing the control panel of a property

  • Several times a day, automatically

Imported reservations will have the Default Guest, until their real name has been entered manually. The total amount will also remain pending.

With the calendars importation, reservations can also be cancelled and if an incident occurs, we would receive a message, with the reservations that could not have been imported.

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