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Essential content for a Vacation Rental Website

12  March  2020

The content published in our website, will shape the presentation of our vacation rental offer, but not just for our guests or those that could be interested, but as well will be evaluated by search engines, at the time to show our website among their results. All in all, makes content an essential part for a vacation rental website.


The images are the core of the presentation and what will first attract the attention of visitors, so it is not only important that they occupy a central and prominent space, within the content of the page, but they must also be of quality and be made with professional criteria, taking care of good lighting, especially for interior and for exterior images, taking advantage of sunny and clear days.

Property descriptions

The text describing a property should be headed by a brief introduction, in which its main characteristics are highlighted and easy to read at a glance.

Next, you must enter the detail of all aspects of the property, either with a detailed description of each estance, as well as with everything related to the rental conditions, such as the house rules, cancellation policies, arrival and departure times or anything relevant, for the stay in the vacation rental home.

The RentalWebs content manager presents the descriptions of the properties in different sections, the first one is shown in full on the property tab and is intended to be this first brief description of the highlights. For the others, only the title is shown, which when selected is displayed to show all its content.

A page about us and one to contact us

One of the main problems for a website, aimed at the international market, is giving confidence to potential customers and this is not always easy, when it comes to a small business or a page with only one property. Therefore, it is very important to prepare a page, with a presentation about us or our service, in addition to a specific one, to contact us.

If we are not a rental company, we could explain what has led us to rent the property, and a little history about our relationship with the house. It could also be explained in a generic way, how we organize ourselves to serve our guests during their stay. In any case, this presentation will help us give confidence.

Genuine feedback and reviews

The opinions and reviews of other guests about our property, which may have been published on holiday rental listing sites or on social media, are always a reference for new guests who do not know us yet. Therefore, it is important that the management system, which accompanies a vacation rental website, can collect reviews from guests, who have stayed at our properties and publish them.

In this section of reviews, those that have been published on other websites may also be included. In these cases, it would be appropriate to include a reference to the site on which it was originally published.

Information about the local area

In addition to a description of the accommodation, it is also important to include a description of the environment in which it is located. Whether it is about the town or the neighbourhood, if it is in a big city, but also information about local attractions and how to get there, from our house, or events that may be of interest to visitors.

They could also include tips on places where to buy local products, or leisure activities that can be done in the area. In short, anything that can enrich the content of our vacation rental page and contribute to offer an excelent user experience.

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