Marketing for a vacations rental website

Promo Code for a Holidays Rental

July  2018

The deals with a promo code, are a good way to encourage returning guests to book directly with us, via our website. A promo code is nothing more than the evolution, in the e-commerce field, of the discount coupons, an old strategy of commercial promotion, which main goal is the customer loyalty.

To bring about an offer of this kind, the first thing needed is a good bookings engine, that has implemented such offers, as RentalWebs does. The way of working is simple, a code associated to a dates interval with a percentage of discount has to be defined. In this way, when a guest confirms a booking, if he or she enters the promo code during its validity period, the discount percentage will be applied on the booking total amount.

A Vacations Rental that has its own website with a bookings engine, can pass a promo code on to all its guests, either on arrival with a printed card or after the check-out with a message. In this way, if the guest is satisfied and decides to return at our accommodation, almost sure that will book directly with us. If he or her knows us and we are worth of his or her trust to return, there won’t be any reason to book via a listing side, which will offer a more expensive price.

The main goal of a promo code offer, is the customer loyalty for our holidays rental, encouraging the direct bookings. But as well, it opens us other marketing strategies as:

  • Segmentation; We can define promo codes with different discount percentages, to segment the deals that we offer to our guests.

  • Advertisement; A good way to follow up an advertisement campaign, can be to offer a promo code with the adds. Which will be an indicator, to measure the campaign effectiveness. An example, would be to include a promo code into a mailing campaign.

  • Best price guarantee; Some listing sites require that the price in their channel, is the same or lower than the one published in other channels or even, in our own website. In those cases, a promo code lets us to offer a deal to our guests, without interfering with those best price guarantee policies.

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