Marketing for a vacations rental website

Direct reservations without listing sites

September  2019

The vacation rental listing sites, enjoy large audiences and they are not only a good option, to gain visibility for our holiday rental offer, but in most cases, they are the main source of reservations. Reasons more than enough, not to leave out and make a good use of them, maximizing our ads. On the other hand, they have a high cost in commissions and above all, entail a loss of control, especially in regard to contact and customer loyalty.

All this makes it desirable to enhance direct bookings without listing sites, in order to give more personalized customer service and gain the guests loyalty, with our vacation rental business. In addition, to the great savings of leaving out the listing site costs.

In a long-term strategy, to improve the profitability and sustainability of a vacation rental business, direct reservations without listing sites are the key. To archive this, we highlight these three strategies:

1.- Our own website

Our own website, with an online vacation rental shop and a booking engine, which allows to book online, is essential to be able to offer our vacation rental properties without listing sites.

With our own website, our business will not only gain credibility on the Internet, but also makes it very easy, that our repeat guests who already know us, or those who have received a recommendation about our service, can easily book online with safety.

2.- Strengthen our brand

For any marketing strategy, it is important to enhance and give value to the business brand. Even if we only rent one property, it is important that it has a unique name that identifies it. In this way, when someone searches for our accommodation, it will be easy for them to find our direct online offer.

The listing sites, can help us to make known our brand, or this unique name of a rental.

3.- Offer the best price to direct customers

The price and security offered by our vacation rental business, when booking online with us, are two basic elements for the guest. Therefore, it is important to always offer the best price on our website and to all customers, who book directly with us.

A very effective and discreet strategy is to offer a promotional code with a discount, to repeat guests or to those who contact us. It can be something as simple as giving a card with the discount code to all clients staying in our vacation rental properties, to slowly spread our website and the advantages, which means booking directly with us, without listing sites.

All this and much more, is what a vacation rental management software like RentalWebs offers.

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