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Content Management for a website

March  2018

The content management for a vacations rental website, is not much different from the one of other sites, known as well as CMS (Content Management System). The purpose of this software, is to provide a tool for the user to administer a website content, without needing any coding knowledge, in an environment easy to use. When talking about content, we refer to images and texts of a website.

Images management

The images, at a vacations rental website play a central role and its management, from a technical point of view, is certainly a challenge. The user has to upload a version of the image in a big format, from which the content management system will make the necessary transformations, to adapt the image to the screen size and the area assigned on the website.

From an images repository uploaded by the user, the content management system must be able to assign them in different parts of the website, according to the design of the view templates. Uploading the images with a large size, makes sure we can use them in any webpage of the current or future design.

Texts management

The vacations rental business, takes place in an international environment, that’s why it is so important that the content manager system, allows managing the translation of all the website texts in different languages.

Although it will be more convenient to write the texts in an editor, the content management system should have edition tools, to correct at least the differences that could appear, after copying and pasting a text from a text editor.

Model View Controller design pattern

A website designed to be managed by a content management system, responds to the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern, which divides the application in three independent and interconnected parts:

  1. The Model, is the main pattern component and represents the information treated in the system.

  2. The Controller, which has the function to manage the informations requests from the user. It can be affirmed that it acts as an intermediary between the model and the view.

  3. The View, is the part in charge of showing to the final user, the information represented by the model.

Following this scheme, when a user enters a text describing a rental property, it is saved as the description of a specific property, which will be shown in the website with a template designed for a property view, in which there may be other content, such as images and other texts about the same property. In this way, it is possible to separate the information from its presentation, which allows creating different presentation templates for the same contents. In other words, the content manager system allows us to enter the information of vacation rental houses, which can be presented to the end user in different places on the website and in different ways.

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