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Vacation Rental Booking System

Booking system for a vacations rental website

The system calculates the price of the bookings and their availability, not only for the website, but also to rate requests and any reservation entered in the application.

Availability calendar

With a simple look, it allows us to consult the vacation rental availability and access the booking details, in the occupied days. In addition, to easily visualize the periods without introduced prices.

Management of former guests

A historical record is maintained, with the guests data of their visits. When you enter a new reservation, if there is any coincidence with this record, the system lets to import the guest details.

Rates management

On the introduced prices, offers can be applied; for early bookings or last minutes, long stays and a percentage discount. In addition, surcharges may also apply for short stays or depending on the week days.

Online and On Request bookings

In addition to book online, on request booking periods can be set, for which it will be necessary to have confirmed the vacation rental availability, before securing a booking. In both cases, to confirm a booking, an online deposit paid with a card is requested.



The dashboard lets us easily see the situation of our vacation rental, compared with last year. In addition it has a fast access, to the next upcoming bookings and to the guests, that may be accommodated at the property.


Coupons are very useful to encourage direct sales, among former guests and to track commercial actions or advertisements. The guest enters it in the last step of the reservation, and if it is valid, the defined discount will be applied to his booking.


Automated messages

These messages generated with customized templates, speed up the booking management, sending automatically a few days before or after check-ins or check-outs. For example, they can be used to request arrival times, or to thank for the stay.

Booking System

Manage all bookings of your vacation rental business, from anywhere and device with Internet connection, thanks to the cloud computing technology, without having to install any software.

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