Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


These terms of service, rule the use of the web application RentalWebs, developed by Aleix Alcover, with tax residence at the street Babord, 24 of Porto Cristo in Mallorca, Spain, and with the tax number 18218899R, by the “User”. By user, we understand the person who signs up in RentalWebs system at the following web page: https://www.rentalwebs.com/signup.

By signing up, the user agree to these terms of service and privacy policy.

RentalWebs is a web application, to manage and commercialize holiday homes, accessible via Internet. The service includes publishing and hosting a website, accessible via a domain owned by the user.


1.- Free trial period

Once registered and validated his or her email, the user will have free access for 14 days, to all functionality of RentalWebs, except to publish the website with his or her own domain name. For this, it will be necessary to have paid the subscription.

The purpose of the trial period, is that the user can evaluate and at the same time configure the system, to show his or her properties. For it, will have the RentalWebs support, by email of by phone with an appointed call.

RentalWebs reserves his right to cancel a trial period, if under his judgement is being made an abusive use or out of the purpose of the system, which is the management and commercialization of holiday homes.

Once ended the trial period, the user will have to pay the first annual or monthly subscription fee, to keep having access to the RentalWebs system. In case of not being paid, it will be restricted the access to the user data. In addition, RentalWebs reserves the right to keep in its system, the contents entered by the user.


2.- Payment of the subscription fee

The service of RentalWebs is paid through an annual or monthly subscription, paid in advanced fees.

Once ended the trial period, the user will be required to provide his or her credit or debit card details, to which RentalWebs will charge periodically its subscription fees. The renewal of a new period will be automatic, if not otherwise manifested.

The user can cancel his or her subscription at any moment. The cancellation will not take effect, until the period of the last subscription fee has expired.

In case of a subscription fee not being paid, RentalWebs will suspend the user access to the service, and will proceed to cancel his or her subscription, terminating this contract.

Once cancelled a subscription and after a minimum term of 30 days, RentalWebs will eliminate from his systems, completely or partially, the contents published by the user.

3.-Domain for the user website

Once the subscription has been paid, if the user has a domain registered in his or her name, RentalWebs will set its systems, to show the content of the user website, under the mentioned domain.

RentalWebs offers as well the possibility to register a domain free of charge, requested by the user, with which will be presented the contents of its site. In this case, the domain will be owned by RentalWebs and if the user, would cancel its subscription, RentalWebs would use it as it would consider appropriate.

RentalWebs reserves the right, to refuse a domain name to be used in its systems.

4.- Contents of the user website

The texts and images published in the user website, are owned by him or her. In case, that those contents derivate in criminal liability, breaching the intellectual properties laws, or any other field, the user will assume full responsibility.

RentalWebs is committed to provide all necessary means, to prevent a fortuitous lost or to mitigate its effects, of all user contents and informations in the system.


5.- Availability of the RentalWebs service

The RentalWebs service in available through Internet, from rentalwebs.com or other domains. RentalWebs reserves the right temporally suspend the access to his service, to perform maintenance tasks on his systems.


6.- Access to the RentalWebs administration

To access the administration of RentalWebs, the email and password chosen by the user will be used. The user agrees to safeguard his or her access data, guaranteeing that they will not be used to access fraudulently, or take actions that could damage the RentalWebs systems.

The user assumes full responsibility for the actions performed in the system, with his or her access data.


7.- Privacy policy

RentalWebs keeps in his system the personal information given by the user, which he or she can reach and modify, from the administration section of RentalWebs, in a secure encrypted environment with a SSL/TLS certificate. This information, in no case will be shared with third parties. It will only be used for the purposes of the commercial relationship between RentalWebs and the user.

When the user registers in the service, he or she accepts to subscribe to the newsletter of RentalWebs, without giving up to unsubscribe at any time.


7.1.- The use of cookies

To operate, RentalWebs needs to use cookies, which are little fragments of code, inserted into the browser of a website visitor. Its use meets technical criteria, to ensure the correct system operation, and in no case is collected personal information or about the navigation in other websites.

External software is involved in the development of RentalWebs, which uses cookies as well, without any access to the system data. Those cookies of third parties, could be of: Cloudinay, jQuery, Stripe and Google Analytics.


8.- Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction to solve any conflict raised from the interpretation of this terms and conditions, is the city of Palma in Spain.

This document is available in Spanish and other languages. The other languages have been translated from Spanish. Much attention has been paid to transferring the meaning to the other language as precisely as possible. However, only the Spanish version shall be binding. It shall take precedence in case of doubt or conflict.